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A prestige car is a luxurious way to make your weekend memorable. A weekend car hired from Exotics Car Collection by Enterprise ensures your journey is comfortable, stylish and special. Whether you are travelling with family members or planning a roundtrip adventure for two, Exotic Cars By Enterprise contains an array of luxury cars suitable for any journey or occasion.


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If you’re planning a trip for two and want a car that is powerful, luxurious and perfect for a summer road trip then hire the Mercedes SLK. It’s a high-performance convertible that will inspire you to drive longer, exploring your surroundings in style.

If you are looking for a weekend car hire for a family the Range Rover Sport is a practical and a stylish choice. It comes with generous boot space and its contemporary interior is fitted with leather seats ensuring comfort for long journeys. The Land Rover sport is a spacious prestige car that offers relaxed handling, is spacious perfect for driving on and off the road.

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If you are looking to hire a prestige car for the weekend or week, fill out the reservation form below and a member of Exotic Cars by Enterprise team will get back to you soon or give our customer services team a call on 08452669265.

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Minimum age of 30 to hire a vehicle.