Porsche Boxter S Hire

Vehicle Specifications

FLAT 63.4 L
*Actual features may vary by year, make, model, and location

£1,292PER WEEK
  • Minimum age to hire: 30
  • Deposit due: £1,000
  • An excess of £1,600 applies to this vehicle
  • Delivery and Collection costs are available on application.
  • All rates include basic insurance and VAT.
  • A minimum 2 day length of rental is applied to all vehicles.


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Minimum age of 30 to hire a vehicle.

Boxster S

With its mid-engined layout, precise handling, folding roof and electrifying performance, the Boxster S is all about the driving experience. Combine a Boxster with a sunny day and a challenging road, and it’s just about the most fun two people can have on four wheels.

Key features:

Type: Cabriolet | Engine: Horizontal 6, 3.4 | Seats: 2 | Bags: 2 hand luggage
Transmission: Automatic | Sat Nav: No | Parking sensors: Front and rear


Launched in 1996, the Boxster was the first Porsche since the 550 Spyder of the 1950s to be designed from the outset as a convertible. The name is derived from the boxer engine layout with horizontally opposed pistons. The boxer engine and the car’s styling might echo its big brother the 911, but the Boxster is very much a design in its own right. It may be the cheapest model in the company’s range, but its Porsche DNA runs deep.

The Boxster S offered as part of the Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise is a third-generation model with the 3.4 litre engine delivering 315 bhp, which makes it faster and more responsive than the standard 2.7 litre Boxster. It also has the seven-speed dual-clutch auto box that makes it feel quicker still, plus the exhaust note from that flat-six engine will make you want to change down a gear just to enjoy the sound it makes. Thanks to high levels of grip and the agility that comes with a mid-engined design, the car feels at home through sweeping bends, and it has stability control to help stop things getting out of shape. It’s a sports car that’s happy around town, with good visibility, light steering and parking sensors to take the stress out of urban driving.

While it’s mainly about the driving experience, the Boxster S doesn’t neglect your comfort. There’s plenty of room for two, with leg and headroom even for taller drivers and passengers, making this a great car for a romantic weekend. Boots at both front and rear mean you’ll have space for your bags, and folding the roof down doesn’t cut into your luggage space. You’ll sit on electrically adjustable leather seats and be entertained by a Bose surround sound system that has steering wheel mounted controls for ease of operation. With attention paid to even its minor switches, this car is solidly built and of the highest quality.

If you want to experience the thrill of driving the Porsche Boxster S for yourself, give our friendly customer services team a call to find out how you can get behind the wheel. Please note that Enterprise can’t guarantee the availability of a specific vehicle at any given time.

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